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Welcome to the linguistic books page - on this page, you can browse linguistic books by linguistic field and topic rather than by title. This page does not intend to be complete in any sense - it simply lists some books in a more convenient way. New books will be added constantly. We are also working on improving the usability of this site. Your suggestions are always welcome....

In the classification of the books, each book is assigned to a linguistic field, and a linguistic subfield, and provided with 2 additional types of information: level and booktype.

We distinguish three types of books:

We distinguish 4 different types of levels:

We do not sell books - this page merely allows you to browse books in a more linguistically-oriented manner, and then buy the books from any of the Amazon sites world-wide. This page is completely funded by the Amazon Associates program. You support this site by buying your books via the links provided, without any additional costs on your behalf.