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Linguistic Books

Linguistic books is an online book shop, in association with Amazon. We do not ourselves sell books, but allow visitors to buy books at Amazon using a more linguistically oriented browsing method - we have books classified by linguistic topic and by difficulty level.

The site was developed by Maarten Janssen, working at the ILTEC institute in Lisbon, Portugal, in cooperation with JanssenWeb, LLC. It is an attempt to inform linguists about linguistic books in a user-friendly way. This website is constantly under development - not only are we adding new books constantly, but we also try to improve the usefulness by adding functionality. If you have any suggestion to improve it, please let us know.

Linguistic books is a free service to the linguistic community, but not a non-profit organisation. If you order books via Linguistic Books, we receive a commission from Amazon, which can then be used to improve this site.

JanssenWeb, LLC

JanssenWeb, LLC is an Internet development company that builds web sites and complete web based solutions. JanssenWeb has a long experience with building websites using PHP and MySQL techniques. JanssenWeb is located in Colorado, USA, but has an international programming staff.